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Play Video Poker Online

Video poker gives you the opportunity to enjoy the good old poker without any risk of other players judging your style of play and laughing at you as there will be no opponents or other participants of the game, except you. Here you`ll be able to gain skills and enlarge your experience in poker as long as you wish.

Video Poker at Super Slots Online Casino

Never mind if you have little knowledge in poker. All you need to know is the range of cards. You`ll play against the system and your task is to gather the best hand you can. During the game you`ll get 5 cards and then decide which of them you wish to change. There is of course a special video-poker strategy which helps you to win more often. But still it is only up to you whether to follow the other people`s advice or not. Sometimes it`s better to believe in your own force and luck and make the bet by yourself. Trust your feelings.

Video Poker is Still Poker

Super Slots have managed to create a true to life design in their video-poker games provided by the great company Vegas Technologies that use all their wide experience in the field of gambling. Thereby it`ll be easy to forget that you are still in your house and not in a real casino. You`ll be entirely absorbed by the whole scale of emotions generated by tons of excitement, bets and winnings!