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Play Craps Online

When you hear Craps called an ancient game, don`t hesitate to believe it. It was first played in XVII-XVIII century. Lately Craps became highly popular in casino, lots of people are eager to take chance and challenge their luck with two dices. Sometimes this two pieces of plastic with numbers on its sides make an average visitor become a millionaire, but not always. That is why Craps tables attract general attention of crowds of people.

Playing Craps at Super Slots

With the popularity of online casino nowadays, Craps casino tables became closer then it seems to be. Just one click and you are standing in front of huge winnings, making your first bets. It`s not that difficult as it may seem at first sight. The thing is that you have to guess what number or combination two dices will show. All you need is a little bit practice and a pinch of luck.

Bets in Craps at Super Slots

Never doubt whether to play Craps at Super Slots or not. The whole enchanting spectacle of feelings will be provided by the variety of bets so that you`ll never be bored. Remember the main betting variants and start the game, and with practice you`ll open the whole scale of bets. Among them are Don't Pass Bets, Come Bets, Don't Come Bets, Place Bet, To Win Place Bet, To Lose Pass Line Bet, Free Odds Bets, Place Bets, Free Odds after a Don't Come Bet, Free Odds after Pass Line Bet, Hard Way Bets, Free Odds after a Come Bet, Big 8 Bet, One Roll Bets, Big 6 Bet, One-roll Bets.